Tekla | Strumis | Fabrication

Technological advancements in the structural steelwork industry have been considerable over the past 10 to 20 years in terms of development of modelling software and CNC fabrication machinery.

B&B have made considerable investments in these areas in modernising the working practices and processes operated by the business.

All engineering details are produced using the Tekla Structures modelling software specifically designed and configured for the structural steelwork industry.

All tendering and project information is controlled and managed through the use of AceCad StruM.I.S software system, which is a purpose-written Estimating and complete Management Information System (MIS) designed to meet the specific needs of the steelwork industry.

The fabrication of the structural steelwork takes full advantage of the transfer of numerically controlled data produced by our engineering department in using the Tekla Structures software.